News, not very much updated indeed :-)

Changed the layout of the webpages again. It could be seen as a waste of time in an age where facebook, google+, wordpress and so on make so simple to publish on the web. But I like to write with vi :-) and I want to keep alive my thingie :-) and because the old ones doesn't work well with IE I decide to change them again. Even more minimalist design !!!

Aaargh ... Internet Exploder doesnt work here...
I realize that IE 9 (and probably anything > 7) doesn't shows pages correctly with my template.
I am investigating, but it is not a big iussue because all others browsers works quite well and I dont'use IE at all, nor the persons that arrive here usually use it I think.

Pictures !!!
I put some photos of my FreeBSD related events

Finally I made some new pages for this little home page.

Time to think to reset the old webpage
9 years are enough for the old website. It is the time to make a new makeup..