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Hello, my name is Gianmarco and this my first attempt to make 
something with Perl...

The scripts (PePo) require an httpd, Perl5 and 
(which come with Perl 5 anyway).
If you use this program on a FreeBSD system prior of 2.2-STABLE, 
please check the right location of your perl 5 
(usually /usr/local/bin/perl), 
because the default perl in /usr/bin is 4.0.

The first script to run is

You can check to change some defaults parameters, 
like fonts, color, max entries returned by search and so on...

## To do
The should show which pkg is installed, which one have 
an old version installed and if the pkg is not installed at all.
I have to find some gifs (like a little check of different colors) 
to put before the names..

## v.08 (20030308)
- Update code to comply with the new port standard
(i.e. comment in the Makefile) 

## v.07 (20030126)
- Modified to show WWW sites 
- Added some local dir ports to the ignore lists
- Added more MASTER_SITE to the $mastersite vars
- Begin to think to a full rewrite

## v.06 (20001225)
- New ports layout support

## v.05 (20000104)
- Code revamped

## v0.4 (981224)
- Added the higlight of files newer than an user 
defined value ($daysarrived in 

## v0.3 (981109)
- Implemented search. It use INDEX file in ports dir.
- Fixed a bug in reading some DISTFILES keyword when 
parsing Makefile 
- Added the keyword $maxqresults in to check the 
search results.
- Some cosmetics
- There is still a bug when searching with a pattern containing a +. 

## v0.2 (981107)
- Fixed "+" handling in file names ( i.e. bpl+ , gshar+gunshar  )
- Fixed ${DISTNAME},${EXTRACT_SUFX}, ${DATE} in files names
- Multi distfiles on single line supported (i.e. gimp1)
- Changed the layout of pkg presentation

## v0.1 (unknown)
The scripts have some bugs :

1) I was not able yet to handle in a easy way the damned port names :-) 
that contain a '+' inside the name, strange 
but true the part of the name that follow the + disappear 
when this is passed as parameters of the cgi. It happens 
even if it is passed in the form of :
2) The script is very confused by multiple names of distname 
on the same line in the makefile (like gimp1)
3) Some macro are not handle yet, like ${DATE} in the file name.
4) Surely a lot of others ...

Thanks for reading and using my scripts. 
There is no copyright at all on the sources. 
You can do of them what do you like. 
I, Gianmarco Giovannelli, am not responsable of any damages 
these scripts can make ...

If you are using them or want to contact me, please feel free 
to contact me at :

Happy computing ...

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